Gene Xpert Installation and Training in FTH Id

The EHAI Clinical Laboratory Department in conjunction with the IHVN Clinical Laboratory Department (TB unit) carried out an installation of a GeneXpert machine and onsite training on GeneXpert MTB/RIF Technology for Laboratory Staff and Basic Programmatic Management of TB/DR TB at the Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti, Ekiti State. This took place between the 9th and 12th of March 2015. Facilitators at the training include the Program Manager (Lab TB Unit) IHVN Abuja, representative from the National TB/Leprosy Control Program and a Biotech Engineer from IHVN Abuja.

Participants of the training were introduced to the Genexpert MTB/RIF system, as well as the following module topics during the training:

  • Overview of TB/TB Diagnostics

  • Genexpert principle

  • Genexpert technology

  • Specimen requirement for Genexpert

  • Xpert diagnostic algorithm

  • Laboratory procedures for Genexpert MTB/RIF system

  • Overview of DR TB program in Nigeria (including sites for treatment)

  • Roles and responsibilities of different care providers in TB/DR TB management

  • Identification and management of TB/DR TB suspects

  • The use of appropriate TB Recording& Reporting tools including: TB suspect register, DR TB suspect register, dispatch form, referral form and sputum request form

A hands-on/practical session was also carried out by the lab scientists of FTH Ido using a validation panel (External Quality Assurance) made up of four samples. This process was carried out according to Standard Operating Procedures.

Among the participants of the training were:

  • Dr Majekodunmi (CMD, FTH Ido)

  • Dr Okere Raymond (CMAC)

  • Dr Jimoh A.K (Pathology Dept)

  • Dr Oyediran (HOD Micro FTH Ido)

  • Dr Seluwa (State TB/Leprosy Control officer, Ekiti State)

  • Mr J.A Orojo (State Representative for TB/Leprosy Control Program Ekiti State)

A cross section of participants at FTH Ido

The Gene Xpert machine after installation

Presentation of the Gene Xpert machine to the facility management

The Gene Xpert machine

Lab scientists during the training session

Hands on practical session

Hands on practical session

Classroom training of site staff