One of our major areas of interest which we strongly believe is germane to achieving universal access to affordable and quality health care is sustainable health financing through financial risk pooling mechanisms especially in a country like ours where ability to pay severely limits access to health care. We understand clearly that to achieve universal access, user fees and other out-of-pocket payments (which can be impoverishing) must be reduced drastically if not eliminated completely. We strongly believe that a comprehensive, widespread and transparently managed social health insurance scheme that covers the formal and informal sectors, urban and rural areas as well as the high and low end social class of our country is the panacea to most of the challenges facing our health system.

This is why we are currently working with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) on modalities to introduce and implement a Community Based Social Health Insurance Scheme in the states we are currently working in Southwest Nigeria.
Through this scheme, we hope not only to create a financial pool that will meet the health needs of the community, especially the low income and informal group, but will provide an opportunity to support members of the community with income generating activities through skill acquisition and access to microfinance

This income-generating scheme is specifically targeted at empowering women who are usually the most vulnerable in the society. This will not only ensure access to health care but also help eradicate poverty directly.
We have successfully carried out a willingness and ability to pay survey in Ondo State. The outcome of this survey has informed the designing of an appropriate CBSHIP model for implementation in the state. In partnership with the NHIS we have commenced community preparation, mobilization and enrolment into the scheme in 1 LGA in Ondo State.