At Equitable Health Access Initiative(EHAI), 2018 was a year committed to the implementation of public health intervention projects, training and research aimed at supporting the government of Nigeria in ensuring that Nigerians, especially those living in rural, underserved and marginalized areas have access to affordable, equitable and quality health care services. Download here Annual Report_Equitable Health Access Initiative



Equitable Health Access Initiative implemented the Key Population (KP) Intervention part of Global Fund (GF) New Funding Mechanism HIV Grant. EHAI implemented the Investing for Impact against Tuberculosis and HIV program as sub-recipient to Society for Family Health in Lagos and Oyo States. The period of implementation of the project was 9 months (3rd October 2018 – 30th June, 2019). Download project report here Global Fund (GF) New Funding Mechanism HIV_June , 2019






Equitable Health Access Initiative was engaged by FHI 360 to conduct an Implementation Research on the project, implementing an Urban Private Sector Model of IYCF Counselling in Private Health Facilities in Lagos State.EHAI  conducted the IR across 10 selected private hospitals in Lagos State  from February 2019 to June, 2020. Download project report here Alive and Thrive Final Project Report_June, 2020