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  • What we do?

We are focused on exploiting to its fullest extent all our core
competencies, one of which is our unique ability to provide
high quality intervention programs to disparate populations in
urban as well as rural, underserved and hard to reach areas.

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  • Where do we work?

With our corporate head office in Lagos state and state offices in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and Akure, Ondo state of Nigeria, our area of coverage is presently the Southwest and middle belt region of the country. We have a special focus on hard to reach and under-served populations and communities.

Is to become a leading global public health oriented organization; ensuring millions of people have universal access to affordable, equitable and effective health care.
Is to support global efforts in health care delivery including that of the Government of Nigeria at all levels, to achieve equitable, sustainable, efficient and cost-effective health care using available and appropriate technologies
Is to be number one in public health interventions


At EHAI we strongly believe that every human being has a God given right to live a healthy and prosperous life.  We believe in quality and affordable health for all regardless of their socio-economic status, age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, residence etc. and we are committed to addressing systematic disparities in health between social groups. We will make this happen in developing countries through innovative interventions using appropriate technologies and available resources one community at a time throughout our lifetime.


To all our Stakeholders

Value in Health Care is determined by Quality, Access and Cost. Thus at EHAI we are committed to improving Access to QUALITY, AFFORDABLE and EQUITABLE Health Care Read more....

QUALITY: The right care for the right patient at the right time

AFFORDABLE: Not expensive, possible to buy with available resources

EQUITABLE: Based on the principle of distributive justice and human rights i.e. the right of every human being to health (by WHO definition) regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, residence, sexual orientation etc.; addressing systematic disparities in health between social groups.

To all our Employees

We are focused on building a world class organization with the capacity to successfully access and generate funds to implement HIGH QUALITYand INNOVATIVE Read more....

public health intervention projects (including training and research) with a special focus on rural, underserved and hard to reach populations and communities. At EHAI we offer a unique combination of an excellent stable core team of effective professionals with a thorough understanding of public health interventions, a highly conducive and motivating work environment, as well as an intellectually creative and competent leadership that guarantees productivity and achievement of corporate and individual goals. We ensure that our staffs are aligned behind a shared vision of success, values and common goals that gets every staff working on the right things and focusing on results.

In all our operations, we are guided by the following core values:


Corporate Governance

At EHAI, we have in place a sound
and effective corporate governance
structure that ensures our operations
are smooth, effective and transparent
. We operate a two-tiered governance
structure, consisting of a 5 member
Board of Trustees, and a 7 member
Board of Directors.

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Our 8-member management team,
headed by the Chief Executive Officer
is responsible for the day-to-day
operations of the organization.
They have years of experience planning
and implementing Public Health
intervention programs in

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Governance Structure

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