Strategic Knowledge Management

robust and functional Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system

All projects being implemented by EHAI are managed using a robust and functional Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system by the Strategic Knowledge Management (SKM) department of EHAI.
This department coordinates all monitoring and evaluation activities, data quality and analysis, health management information system issues emanating from program implementation to give the organization sufficient quality data on which to build a knowledge base for operational decisions. This is the data bank, data-mining base for tactical decision making; hence plays a strategic integral role in organizations performance monitoring system to measure achievement.
It ensures the availability of quality data, appropriate data capturing tools, management of project reporting cycle, regular program review and stakeholder engagement. The department showcases to the organization (all program units) and stakeholders where any project is at each point in time in its life cycle, giving direction needed for project improvement. It uses monitoring data and indicators from all program areas to measure overall program progress towards the stated objectives.
It tracks and assesses inputs, processes and outputs; routinely looking at the quality of data and services for eventual program evaluation and impact. Other activities of the SKM department include:

Regular data verification and validation exercises

Data quality assurance

Supportive supervision and technical support to all supported facilities and CBOs on M&E

Capacity building on M&E

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