Smart Recycling Solution

Equitable Health Access Initiative in partnership with Smart Recycling Solution and the Ogun state Waste Management Authority (OGWAMMA) is implementing the SRS project.

SRS is a recycling management solution designed to register and reward people who deposit their recyclables properly, leveraging technology and existing networks to deploy recycling collection centres in partnership with local entrepreneurs.

SRS project limited is a start-up clean tech firm established to provide open-source technical solutions and economic models for recycling management in Nigeria. SRS is also a member of the Recyclers association of Nigeria  

The problem SRS is solving;

In Nigeria today, Plastic waste management is one of the major problems in our environment, hindering free flow of water in our drainages, destroying our ocean, and affecting wildlife, habitat and human health.

Another major challenge in Nigeria is the “government-does-everything” philosophy of many Nigerians, attempts and considerable efforts by successive government administrations and private recycling practitioners to solve this menace seem to be only marginally successful as the problem still persists with constraints such as Inappropriate technology, Inadequate funding, Weak political will on the part of leading state officials, Inadequacy of policy, legal and regulatory frame work, Attitudinal problems, Inadequate Infrastructures and human capacity, Poor data on waste information.

SRS has created a structure for recycling using new emerging technology, leveraging existing networks (such as POS agents, local stores etc.) to collect recyclables and reward waste depositors with aims to; 

  • Create a green and sustainable blueprint to simplify recycling in order to boost circular economy
  • Create an effective collection model
  • Create a viable value chain that will convert plastic waste to a commodity
  • Provide a reliable supply of raw materials to the local recycling
  • Contribute to the sustainable development goals
  • Fulfil extended producer responsibility (EPR) compliance

Focus point

  • Cleaner environment
  • ICT and Financial inclusion – easy accessibility of funds to waste depositors and other financial requirements through our API to pos operators.
  • Job creation and Business opportunities
  • Perception change and value creation for recyclables that enables anyone deposit their recyclables in a collection centre in exchange for cash at any partner pos agent just as you save money in your bank account
  • Innovation whereby the waste collected will be used to construct the first SRS collection and experience center which will also be a tourist attraction.

How it works

For users on the go– Residents are to bring their waste – SRS will weigh it – SRS will then create an account and send the resident earnings to his or her account and he or she will be able to withdraw his or her earnings from the partner POS agent or push his or her earnings to a bank account.

For home/commercial premises – Residents are to register & request pick up- SRS will visit the location of a resident, create an account and send earnings to his or her account.  He or she will be able to withdraw their earning from the partner POS agent or push their earnings to their bank account.

The waste collected will be used to construct the first SRS collection and experience center which will also be a tourist attraction.

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