EHAI trains healthcare workers for I-SCEH Project

Equitable Health Access Initiative conducted training for Health workers at Award Hall, Akinyele LGA and PHC Oniyanrin Hall, Ibadan West LGA concurrently on 28th – 29th April, 2022.

The training at Akinyele was facilitated by Dr. Timothy Akinmurele and Dr. Itohan Salami (Optometrist); it had in attendance twenty (20) healthcare workers each from Ibadan North and Akinyele LGA with two (2) members of the Technical Working Group (TWG).

Training for Health workers at Award Hall, Akinyele LGA

At PHC Oniyanrin Hall, the training was facilitated by Mr. Agboola and Dr Umweni Osakpamwan (Optometrist). Twenty (20) healthcare workers were also in attendance from Ibadan South-West and Ibadan South-East LGA alongside three (3) TWG members.


Snellen Charts and Recording & Reporting tools were distributed to each represented facility.

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