EHAI Hosts Successful Annual General Meeting, Board of Trustees Meeting


On Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, EHAI Nigeria convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Board of Trustees Meeting, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s ongoing commitment to fostering a healthier community with equal access to quality healthcare. The meeting brought together esteemed members of the Board and senior management staff to discuss the progress and future direction of EHAI Nigeria.


During the meeting, comprehensive reviews of all ongoing projects were conducted, highlighting significant achievements and the impactful work accomplished over the past year. The Board, led by its Chair, Mr. Ralph Osayameh expressed satisfaction with the progress made in various areas, including ASPIRE, TB LON3 among others.


While celebrating the successes, the meeting also provided a critical platform for identifying areas requiring improvement. Constructive discussions were held on strategies to enhance efficiency, increase outreach, and improve service delivery. The insights gained from these discussions are instrumental in driving EHAI Nigeria’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.


EHAI Nigeria remains steadfast in its vision of creating a community where every individual has equal access to quality healthcare. The organization is dedicated to leveraging the insights and feedback from the AGM and Board of Trustees Meeting to refine its strategies and operational plans. With a clear focus on achieving 100% efficiency in all ongoing projects, EHAI Nigeria is poised to set new benchmarks in healthcare delivery.

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