EHAI Concludes GHIG 7 Project ( Pneumonia, and Diarrhoea Malaria ) in Osun State

EHAI Nigeria successfully concludes its initiative targeting pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria (PDM) in Osun State, funded by the Pfizer Foundation Global Health Innovation Grant Round 7. The project aimed to enhance healthcare services and awareness in the region.


Throughout the project, EHAI prioritized capacity building for healthcare workers in the provision of services to control and treat pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria in U5 children, community awareness campaigns, data verification and validation, and stakeholder engagement. Key achievements include the training of 283 individuals, ensuring 99% of children under 5 received proper management. Additionally, EHAI produced 360 Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) guidelines and 300 waste management job aids.


CEO Dr. Timothy Akinmurele expressed gratitude to Osun State stakeholders for their support throughout the life of the project. At the dissemination meeting, Dr. Akinmurele highlighted the project’s focus on enhancing healthcare workers’ capabilities. EHAI distributed 360 IMCI guidelines and 300 waste management job aids, bolstered by the Pfizer Foundation.


The event was attended by Commissioner for Health Barrister Jola Akintola, Dr. Micheal Oyerinde (SA on PHCs), Dr. Adekunle Akindele (SA on Public Health), Dr. Isiaka Adekunle (P.S Ministry of Health), and The Executive Secretary of OSPHCB Dr. Oluwole Fabiyi. Their recognition of EHAI’s impact underscores the organization’s significance in future healthcare endeavors within the region.

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