Nurturing Future Health Leaders: EHAI Wraps Up Successful Internship Program

EHAI Nigeria, has concluded a comprehensive 6-week internship program aimed at grooming young talents in the field of Public Health and development.

The program specifically provided students with a hands-on experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in various facets of the organization’s operations.

Under the guidance of EHAI’s dedicated team, the interns gained valuable insights into the organization’s multifaceted approach to public health. From the TB Lone3 implementation to the dynamic Communications Unit, and from the Monitoring and Evaluation Department to intricate data management, the interns received a holistic view of EHAI’s impactful work.

Highlight of the program included engaging outreaches, where interns actively participated in community health initiatives. This firsthand experience not only enriched their learning but also cemented EHAI’s commitment to bridging the gap between theory and practice in the healthcare sector.

“We believe in empowering the next generation of health leaders,” stated Mr. Ganiyu Agboola, the Coordinator at EHAI Nigeria. He further stated that “This internship program was designed to provide these young minds with real-world exposure and nurture their passion for improving public health.”

Upon the conclusion of their 6 weeks internship programme , the students from Babcock University gave a presentation where they shared all they have learnt in the course of their internship. They further expressed their gratitude to EHAI for the opportunity to learn.

Looking into the future, EHAI Nigeria is optimistic that it will witness the growth and contributions of these emerging health enthusiasts. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the organization’s overarching mission to create sustainable and impactful change within communities.

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