EHAI Visits Power Field Group of Schools to Educate Students on the Dangers of Substance Abuse, Pornography and Teen Dating

Equitable Health Access Initiative visited Power field Group of schools, Egbin Power Facility, Ikorodu Lagos on June 2nd and 3rd, 2021 to facilitate a Talk session with over 300 students on the Dangers of Substance Abuse, Teen Dating and Pornography as part of the school’s Counselling week activities.

Group picture featuring Dr. Olatoun Adeola; Head Prevention, Cure and Treatment, Temitope Olawunmi; Communications Officer, EHAI and Student and Teachers of Power field Group of Schools.

Dr. Olatoun Adeola speaking on the Dangers of Pornography

Adolescent Girls Listening Intently to Session Talk on Preventing Substance Abuse in Secondary Schools

Adolescent Girls Being Taught How to Break off Teen Relationships


The Head, Prevention, Cure and Treatment Services; Dr. Olatoun Adeola spoke to the students on the variety of substances that are harmful to the health, social drugs/substances that can be abused and how substance abuse can be prevented. She also spoke about Pornography as one of the root causes of sexual violence and how the students can break off from it.

Dr. Adeola stated “Psychoactive Substance continues to be a challenge all over the world. Amongst those who use psychoactive substances, a significant number will develop Substance Use Disorder.”

Adolescent Boys Listening and Engaging with Dr. Adeola’s Talk on Substance Abuse

The students also got enlightened about the consequences of Teen Dating which could be Teenage pregnancy, Sexual violence or depression.

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