Naija Health Radio

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Communication like breathing is an important part of life that we sometimes take for granted. However, communication is an essential aspect of life that determines how people navigate life situations and live wholesomely. In the same vein, health is a citizen’s most earning asset because a health body and mind can be leveraged to generate income and drive nation building. Therefore, health communication is pivotal to the socio-economic development of a nation.

Health Communication seeks to increase the society’s knowledge and awareness of health issues, influence the behaviours and attitudes of the audience towards health issues, demonstrate healthy practices that can be adopted to make a healthier society, advocate a position on a health issue or policy, increase demand or support for health services and debunk misconceptions about health issues.

The imperativeness of health communication motivated Equitable Health Access Initiative’s innovation of Naija Health Radio (NHR) as a medium to prioritize information and health communication.

About Naija Health Radio

Naija Health Radio is a Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Digital Radio with the objective of providing current quality information that would enable the listeners make well informed choices about their health, lifestyle and relationships.

The Online radio provides real time health solutions, as seasoned health professionals will be sharing valuable information for the expansion of healthy environments and healthy communities. Naija Health Plus Radio aims to work diligently to offer entertaining and informative health-related news and current affairs content every day, from serious medical content to fun and light health and life style commentary.

Naija Health Radio aims to do beyond regular information dissemination to being a health companion to listeners. This is why our tagline is; Your Wellness Companion.


Naija Health Radio will be launching in the first quarter of 2021 and she is looking to collaborate with other content creators to achieve quality health communication. Whilst she will be creating her own original content, NHR will be doubling as an audio streaming platform for health contents. This aspect of Naija Health Radio will be operating like an audio version of Netflix and tons of content from health and lifestyle podcasters, health influencers and health organizations will be disseminated to a wide range of audience across the world.

Content Creators will benefit from this proposition in the following areas:


Free Online Hosting Platform: Naija Health Radio has adopted the best practices for online radio operations which includes a subscription to an Online Radio Hosting Platform called An online radio host enables an online radio to reach an unlimited audience, reduces the constraints of geographical frequency waves and accommodates delayed listening. This means NHR’s audience can listen to your podcast or recording on NHR app or website from anywhere in the world without signal interference. The audience can also listen to your content at their convenience as it would be saved on NHR website.

Increased Social Media Visibility: Social media is a really powerful tool for content creation. Naija Health Radio would be leveraging social media to promote every of her content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. Digital marketing best practices such as sponsored ads as well Search Engine Optimization would be deployed to give your content more visibility and increase your listenership base.


Affiliation to EHAI and Naija Health Radio Brand: Content creators whose recordings and podcasts are featured on Naija Health Radio will also be disseminating information to EHAI’s existing network which would expand the creator’s network base.


Free Subscription: Unlike Netflix, Naija Health Radio does not require a subscription fee from a content creator. The only requirements for a program or podcast to qualify is excellent audio quality and an alignment with the organization’s vision and mission statement. Therefore, only contents that are health or lifestyle inclined will be featured.

Identity Retainership: External contents featured on Naija Health Radio will retain its title, its style and every form of quality that gives the content its brand voice.


Naija Health Radio will require in writing, a consent to feature Content creator’s recordings, podcasts or any other content with similar qualities on Naija Health Radio platform. In the event of the external content being sponsored due to the listenership on Naija Health Radio, the content creator will be entitled to 40% of the sponsorship fee while Naija Health Radio will be entitled to 60% of the fee.  However,  contents with existing sponsorship will be charged a fee based on listenership and time belt in line with industry standards.


Naija Health Radio studio is located at 2B, Itohan Avenue, Off Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria.


Tel: 08088350275, 08101869870


Listen to Naija Health Radio now-


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