EHAI Leverages Faith Based Organization Influence to achieve Optimal Public Health Outcomes across Intervention Communities

Equitable Health Access Initiative understands the critical role Faith Based Organizations play in improving public health outcomes especially in low-resource communities. Available evidence confirm that a vast majority of people in sub-Saharan Africa identify themselves as adherents of Christianity or Islam, and approximately 75 percent trust their religious leaders. This serves as the basis for EHAI’s partnership with FBOs and consistent efforts to leverage FBOs’ close links with communities to ensure healthy outcomes on public health projects. Some of EHAI’s partnerships with FBOs on some focus areas in public health are stated below:

 HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment Services

Partnership on Provision of HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment Services with Our Lady of Apostles Hospital, Nasarawa State

On the PEPFAR-ACHIEVE project which commenced in October 2017, EHAI is partnering with and supporting Our Lady of Apostles Hospital (OLAH), as one of the implementation sites providing quality HIV prevention, care and treatment services. Thus, with support from EHAI through the ACHIEVE Project, the hospital actively offers HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment services to Adults, Paediatrics and pregnant clients, with over 3,000 PLWHAs on life saving ART.

In partnership with EHAI, the management and staff of OLAH are actively engaged in offering community mobilization for targeted HIV Testing Services thus contributing significantly to efforts aimed at reducing the incidence of HIV in Nasarawa State.

Health Insurance

EHAI team meeting with the Reverend Sister in Charge MMM Hospital on March 13, 2018

Partnership on Health Insurance with the Catholic Deanery in Ondo State

As a third party agent to the National Health Insurance Scheme, EHAI partnered with the Catholic Deanery in Ondo State to facilitate demand and uptake of health insurance scheme among members of the catholic community in the state. This partnership was motivated by EHAI’s commitment to contribute to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage in Nigerian communities. The catholic deanery which constitutes 10 parishes recorded over 600 enrollees on the health insurance scheme by virtue of the technical assistance provided by EHAI’s team. EHAI team successfully engaged Maria Mater Mescericodea Catholic Hospital as a Service Delivery Point for the scheme. EHAI collaborated with 3WC Communications to facilitate the adoption of mobile money technology for the scheme.  The benefits of the technology are to ensure: transparency, accountability and premium and capitation payment are made in real time as enrollees can pay from the comfort of their devices.

Infant Nutritional Support Interventions

New mother Practicing Exclusive Breastfeeding on the Alive & Thrive Implementation Research project

Engagement of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Maternity Homes, Ebute Metta and Okesuna, Lagos State in Ensuring Optimal Breastfeeding Practices in Lagos State

Equitable Health Access Initiative was engaged by FHI 360 to conduct an Implementation Research on the project, implementing an Urban Private Sector Model of IYCF Counselling in Private Health Facilities in Lagos State. EHAI identified and engaged Redeemed Christian Church of God   Maternity Homes, Ebute Metta and Okesuna on the project. The IR focused on engaging and building the capacity of 10 private health facilities in Lagos Sate to deliver a package of high-quality breastfeeding support services on EIBF and EBF to pregnant women and mothers with children 0-6 months. EHAI fully supported the Maternity homes to achieve the objectives of the IR. Available data indicate that RCCG Maternity Homes Okesuna and Ebute Metta recorded over 95% practice of Early of Initiation of Breastfeeding within an hour of delivery during the period of the IR.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Outreaches

New mother Practicing Exclusive Breastfeeding on the Alive & Thrive Implementation Research project

Provision of Support to Medical Mission of Mary, St. Matthews, Catholic Church, Lagos State

As part of EHAI’s commitment to partner with FBOs, EHAI provides support to Catholic Medical Missions to conduct outreaches and ‘shows of concern ‘. An instance is the support provided to St. Matthews Catholic Church’s Medical Mission of Mary show of concern on December 20, 2019.  EHAI’s contribution helped the church meet some medical, financial and nutrition needs of people in Amukoko community, Lagos State.

Methodist Church of the Trinity, Tinubu Lagos

EHAI, through its subsidiary, EquiLabs Foundation also partnered with the Organizing Committee of the Annual Professional Harvest and Ladies Friendly Society of the Methodist Church of the Trinity, Tinubu Lagos to provide Free Laboratory and Clinical Screening for members of the church during their Annual Professional Harvest which took place on the 11th of August 2019. During this Harvest, EquiLabs Foundation provided free Laboratory Screening, Medical Check Up and Medical Consultation to over 180 church members and visitors at the harvest ceremony.

EHAI and EquiLabs Foundation teams during the Outreach held at Methodist Church of the Trinity, Tinubu Lagos on the 11th of August 2019.
EHAI and EquiLabs Foundation teams in outreach booths with some congregants of Methodist Church of the Trinity, Tinubu Lagos on the 11th of August 2019.