EHAI Visits the Boys’ Home Oregun, a correctional facility for male juvenile offenders located in Oregun, Lagos, Nigeria.

July 28th every year is World Hepatitis day. It is a day set apart by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to increase awareness on hepatitis creating more opportunities for partnerships and initiatives that will help reduce the scourge of hepatitis in the world.

According to WHO, viral hepatitis B and C affects about 325 million people globally as they are root causes of liver cancer, leading to 1.34 million deaths every year. Hepatitis B and C which are often severe can be transmitted through contact with infected body fluids e.g. infected blood, sex with an infected person, sharing razor or sharp objects with an infected person. Many people live with these viruses and do not know as persons infected with either of the viruses may not show symptoms for a long time. As such it is expedient that people are aware of their hepatitis status just like they are of their HIV status. These and more are some of the lessons that the residents of the Boys’ Home in Oregun were taught on this year’s World Hepatitis Day.