The Clinical Team of EHAI distributed 14 X-ray viewing equipment and Stetoscopes to supported facilities in Abuja and Nasarawa State. Among the facilities that received these essential clinical materials include General Hospital Akwanga, General Hospital Nasarawa Eggon, General Hospital Wamba, Our Lady of Apostles Akwanga, General Hosptial Kwali, Primary Health Center Dabibako, Primary Health Center Nunku, Primary Health Center Model Wamba, Primary Health Center Rinze, Royal Hospital, orient Hospital, Primary Health Center Andaha, Primary Health Center Omadetfu, Primary Health Center Maraba Gongon.

This distribution is part of efforts to ensure equitable health access for all, bridging identified gaps and securing quality services for PLHIV. These equipment were received by the Medical Superintendents and Matrons of the facilities, who appreciated the good gesture and encouragement towards delivery of quality services.